From waterfowl to Trophy bucks we take the proof of your out door adventure and put it on display.

check some examples of our award winning work bellow.


Jared Mallard not only has a name screams outdoor wildlife, He lives it. when he isn’t out throwing decoys and calling in green wing teal he can be found setting up stands and filling feeders. He is an all around outdoorsman. That’s why when you bring your trophy to him to get the job done right you can rest assured you have chosen a man with as much passion for your trophy as you do. He lives it. He breaths it… and he gets awarded for it. Creating top notch show stopping mounts is his specialty. Starting in 2005 jarred began mounting his own personal trophies and quickly became the go-to for all of his hunting buddies. Before he knew it people were driving in from all over the South East to have him create masterpiece wall hangers. Now over 10 years and multiple awards later he believes he is putting out his best work yet.

You work hard all season long. Scouting, setting stands, throwing decoys, checking cameras. Now you can relax and know that you trusted the best with your trophy.