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My name is Jared Mallard and I am the Artist/Owner of Mallard’s Fowl Life Artistic Taxidermy, LLC. I have had a passion for taxidermy since I was very young, always performing my own euro, antler, turkey fan and beard mounts. When the opportunity presented itself in 2012, I jumped in head first to learn all that I could about the taxidermy industry. I am very grateful to my friend Michael Brandt and father-in-law Wendell Hand for showing me how to mount a whitetail deer. After the first mount was completed I was hooked.

I am self-taught in every other type of mount other than whitetail. I have taken seminars and classes from world-class artists and some world champion artists. While I do mount many waterfowl, I also mount many deer as well. In fact, the seventh deer I ever mounted I took to the state show and won a first place ribbon. I have won more first place ribbons for my whitetail deer than any other category. While the ribbons are nice, the real joy in the state shows is the education. The knowledge that I have gained from other artists helps me give you, the client, a much better product. It is my goal in this industry to be the best and the brightest and the Florida State Taxidermists’ Association helps me with this greatly.

I ask you to do your research before choosing a taxidermist because a cheaply done mount will last in your memory forever. Most of the time the price difference is very small and the quality difference is huge. Please feel free to contact me with any possible questions that you may have about my work or taxidermy in general. I look forward to hearing from you and sincerely appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

You work hard all season long. Scouting, setting stands, throwing decoys, checking cameras. Now you can relax and know that you trusted the best with your trophy.